Caring for your Contact Lenses on holiday

  • Make sure you have enough solution to last for your holiday as your solution may not be available abroad.
  • Ask your practitioner about mini-packs of solution, many of which are available in small bottles and will save packing large bulky bottles.
  • Don’t be tempted to decant solutions into smaller bottles as you risk introducing bacteria and contaminating the solution.
  • Never rinse your lenses in tap water, especially abroad, where the water may contain micro-organisms. Always use saline to rinse your lenses. Bottled water is safer than tap water
  • In case your lenses become uncomfortable or your luggage gets lost, always travel with your care kit in your hand luggage.
  • As cabin air is very dry, some eyes may become too dry for comfortable lens wear. On short flights, wear your contact lenses, but ask us about lubricating drops to re-moisten your eyes and have a pair of specs to change into. For long-haul flights, it is advisable just to wear spectacles, especially if you plan to sleep.
  • Remember, NEVER swim or do water sports in your contact lenses, as sea-water and pool water can be dirty, containing eye infection-causing bacterium.