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Eye Examination

We are experts in eye care and take your eye health very seriously and have many years of optical experience in both primary care and in the Hospital Eye Service.

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eye screening


We are experts in the detection and management of macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma screening and have certificated shared care accreditation.

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OCT eye scan

OCT Eye Scan

Our eye scanner is used to look below the surface of the retina for any hidden problems that could damage your sight, such as glaucoma, early diabetic changes, tumours and macular degeneration.

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We stock all types of frames, including budget and designer, and have regular offers on most sunglasses, including prescription sunglasses. Summer offers, winter savers.

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contact lenses

Contact Lenses

For all occasions, whether for sport, leisure or for social events, we will fit the right contact lenses for you. You are never too old to wear prescription contact lenses.

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We stock a large range of designer, sport and prescription sunglasses. All our sunglasses offer at least UV400 protection and include a wide variety of styles and tints.

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Eyecare and Dry Eyes

If you have sore, tired, gritty or watery eyes, then our Dry Eye experts can help you in our Dry Eye Clinic.

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Concerns about your eyes and eye care? A comprehensive set of answers to most commonly asked questions with options to send your questions for an expert answer.

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