All eyes are at risk from damage. We screen for early glaucoma and macular degeneration from about the age of thirty, diabetic eye disease in any age group and other blood-related diseases that have a propensity for quietly damaging the eye.

For what do we scan and screen?

Recent research has shown that the nerve fibres that travel through the eye are thin in people who have early Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the OCT scan is able to detect this thinning and give clues to establishing if early MS exists. For further information, please refer to a BBC news item in our News section:

Below are some of the conditions we routinely screen for, click the title for more information:

Macular degeneration

Diabetic eye disease


Eye photography

We also have the ability to photograph the back of your eye. By taking a photo of your eye it allows us a better inspection than we have been able to do previously. We will store your image on computer and look for changes year by year. This is invaluable for anyone concerned about the health of their eyes.


Our OCT scanners

Other opticians and clinicians may one day have the ability to see under the back of the eye and in between the layers of the retina. We, at four of our branches, can do this NOW – and our OCT scanner does exactly this. For more information on our OCT machines read our OCT eye scan page.

OCT scanner

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