We are lens experts, and are able to offer a wide variety of lenses because Ashleigh Sight Care is an independent business and so our experts are free to supply any lens for you with no restrictions on brand. We always ensure that where price is a consideration, it never restricts quality. Our wide frame and lens range is always tailored by our experts to give the very best frame and lens combinationso that you end up with spectacles with which you will see brilliantly and feel great! As a member of our SightPlan scheme, you can benefit from significant savings on the cost of your lenses, in addition to other benefits, such as breakage protection. Please mention your interest when you make an appointment to see us for a consultation.

Supporting local business

All of our lenses are sourced from our local laboratory. If our local lab must outsource lenses, all are from within the EU, certified and are not grey imports.

The latest lens technology

Newer digital technology has produced an increasing array of digitally-designed single vision, bifocal and multifocal lenses. The fitting of these lenses requires precision fitting with a hand-held inclinometer, including measuring angle of sides, tilt of front, bow of lenses etc. We can do this at all of our practices and will require the client to be with us for a little longer than the usual dispensing period.

For computer or display screen users, there are specialist lenses that are designed to give you the very best and most comfortable vision for all near tasks, from reading distance to arms length. See our FAQ page for more information about computer vision

We love to use Varilux, Rodenstock, Zeiss and the most modern digitally-produced lenses, Bespoke lenses are available.

63% of high prescription wearers* are not happy with their current spectacles. For half of them, their dissatisfaction is down to them not being happy with the way they look and feel in their spectacles, for example:

  • Thick lenses
  • Heavy spectacles
  • Eye magnification

* Wearer study, Ireland 2001

Ashleigh Sight Care can make the very thinnest lenses for higher prescriptions. Our process uses the most modern lens materials, digital polishing and computerized precision glazing. This results in the lightest lenses combined with the most comfortable, light finish and very best vision. All of our lenses employ first quality optics and most lenses are scratch-resistant or anti-reflection coated.


For best eye protection, photochromic lenses are recommended. We’re so confident that you will fall in love with Essilor Transitions lenses that we’re offering a 30 day Love ‘em or leave ‘em guarantee.

If you aren’t 100% happy with any of your new Transitions lenses bought at our practices, we will replace those lenses with the equivalent clear lenses at no extra cost to you.

Our no-quibble guarantee starts from the day on which you collect your new spectacles and extends for a full 30 calendar days.

If you don’t love them in that time, you’re free to exchange them for clear lenses.

The perfect lens at all times, inside and out

If you want the best, then Essilor Transitions lenses are recommended as the perfect everyday lens, automatically adapting to changing light conditions – reducing both eye fatigue and eye-strain. These lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection when outdoors and have a 30% faster fade back to clear.

All Essilor Transitions lenses come enhanced with Crizal – providing excellent resistance against scratches, smudges, reflections, dust and water.

Now you can choose Essilor Transitions lenses with complete confidence.


  • Rodenstock Varilux Zeiss

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