National Eye Health Week

Coming very soon, on Monday 18 to 24 September 2017 will be National Eye Health Week ….. and we are taking steps to bring the message home to everyone that an eye test is not only to confirm that you can see the 5th line down on the chart.



Many medical problems can present themselves with evidence in the eyes. Tumors in any part of the body can often leave signs in the eyes, raised blood pressure and excessive cholesterol can be seen, early glaucoma and subtle signs of diabetes, even very early dementia and MS have been diagnosed following an eye test. Early detection of macular degeneration can give years more vision to affected eyes and our digital equipment gives our optometrists greater insight into whats happening to your eyes – even when you think everything is ‘normal’

An example: Bish Ashleigh (Optometrist and Director) detected a tumor in the brain of a 21-year old girl, two years ago, who had been visiting her GP for many months and being treated for migraines. Emily’s close friend suggested that she go to have her eyes checked out and they made an appointment to see one of the High Street opticians. Unfortunately, when she attended, they stopped the eye test half way through because she appeared unstable and they decided that she must be ‘tipsy’ and asked her to leave the premises. Her friend was insenced and brought her to see Bish, an independent optometrist.

It was late on a Friday. Certainly, when Emily walked unsteadily to the reception desk, the staff were quite concerned about her condition and a few quick questions from Bish established that Emily wasn’t intoxicated and he proceeded to examine her eyes and vision. Within five minutes, Bish came to an obvious diagnosis – the optic nerve was dangerously swollen and, because of Emily’s demeanour, he called 999 for an ambulance.

The same High Street chain has recently (July 2012) claimed that one of their opticians “saved someone’s life” by detecting a swollen optic nerve and their marketing department had the contacts and clout to use this to advertise their business. The honest truth is that most competent optometrists readily detect life-saving signs that are then referred for immediate attention – without promoting the false idea that they are the only ones to have detected such potentially debilitating diseases.   So sad.  People’s healthy sight should always come before business

Ashleigh Sight Care take time and do not hurry their eye examinations and are experts in this field. We have Eye scanners that can see below the back of the eye, modern eye testing equipment and up-to-date testing facilities that will ensure that all eye problems are dealt with and all eye prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses are accurate. As a general rule, it is acknowledged that speed affects accuracy … and so, careful management of time in the testing of eyes gives both you and the optometrist more time to make a more accurate prescription with clearer sight. High Street opticians do not generally allow more than 20 minutes for an eye test. We allow at least 30 minutes – and frequently exceed this time allowance where further investigation warrants it.

If you are over 60, over 40 with a family history of Glaucoma or are under 18 and in full time education, or in receipt of benefits, the eye test is free. Make an effort to come in this week (at least) and have a thorough eye test with one of our experts. We are all General Optical Council registered, fully qualified and some have advanced degrees or may have special certification – for instance Glaucoma, Macular degeneration and diabetic shared care certification from accredited Universities.