Children’s Eyewear

Your children’s vision is of paramount importance to their development, so we stock a colourful array of children’s glasses to help them fulfil their potential. All our frames are specifically designed with kids’ facial dimensions in mind and are available to suit everyone’s budget, from our non-designer collection to the latest trends from Ray Ban.

Wearing glasses can seem an intimidating prospect to your child, so our friendly dispensing opticians are on hand to make the process as much of an adventure as possible – from choosing the perfect pair of frames to fitting them for maximum comfort.

And if your child doesn’t like the idea of spectacles, we can also help fit them with contact lenses to give them crystal clear vision.

If increasing myopia (short sight) is on your mind, we are aiming to shortly introduce methods of controlling or reducing the increasing trend in myopia at some of our practices. This is a new concept and we are working to ensure that the research into this subject is backed by clinical evidence before we invest in the expensive equipment necessary to guarantee positive results.